About us

FitnSurf surfing trips to exotic destinations and water sports. We invite you to join us and enjoy a surfing trip of a lifetime. For lovers of marine sports. The destinations and experiences have been carefully selected in order to provide you, the surfers, with the best experience. We invite you to join us and enjoy a unique experience and a surfing trip of a lifetime. On a surfing trip, we work on learning and improving the level of surfing while taking advantage of the surfing conditions indicated on surfing websites in the world, alongside the guidance of Israeli instructors. The surfing trips are suitable for a variety of ages – youth, starting at the age of 13 and adults from beginner to advanced level (depending on the trip and the destination we take, there are trips for a high level of surfing and there are for intermediate level surfers). In the surfing vacation there are additional experiences that we add to the trip, diving, fishing, safari trips and more… depending on the same destination and the package we offer, you should keep up to date on the experience website, it’s just crazy! So if you dream of perfect waves, of oceans full of clean blue, extreme and happiness, endless surf days, crazy sessions all day, water sports, wild nature, crazy markets, other cultures, friends, good food and a once in a lifetime experience, join us .